Thursday, January 21, 2010


Day 13

Everyone knows that family is a blessing and a curse. Today I learned one more reason why they truly are a blessing. I had to pick up my sister from work today and take her to the emergency room. While we were waiting there I was surrounded by people that would have seriously benefited from having more family around. The ER was so packed that they had sick patients sitting in the family waiting area with the rest of us. I was stunned by how many sick people were there alone. There were actually people that had to drive themselves to the hospital, check themselves in, fill out there own paperwork, tie the back of their own gowns, sit for hours on end, and then be treated with no one to hold their hands through the whole ordeal. There is something to be said for independence, and if this were just an optometry visit...fine...but this was a trip to the EMERGENCY ROOM! My heart also went out to this woman who was there with her sick toddler and her other two children, who were obviously fed up with having to sit for hours and had already burned through their share of patience. Today learned that I have always taken two things for granted 1. I wouldn't have to go to the ER by myself and 2. If I had to take one of my babies, I have an abundance of loving FAMILY that would help me out with the other. If you think those two points seems trivial-go spend a few hours in the Penrose Community ER waiting room and you'll quickly realize how blessed you are. One more thing-while I was there, two women were escorted to the back. They were both crying hysterically over, what I can only assume to be, a family member that was injured or very sick. While I am so sorry for what they're going through-I hope they realize how lucky they have someone in their lives that they love enough to feel such emotion over.


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