Thursday, January 14, 2010


Day 6
I never realized how much stress I have balled up in me, at what seems like, all times. It wasn't until today that I became aware of how much Emma is affected by my stress. Tonight when Trenton and I were talking about stuff in a "stressful" tone- Emma said, "Daddy, Mommy-RELAX!" My two year scolded me into relaxation! How could I look at her perfect little face and not melt like a marshmallow that has just been plopped in a steaming cup of hot cocoa? I learned today that if I want my babes to grow up cool and confident they can't be raised by a mother who is constantly emitting this nervous, anxious energy. My Dad has some good advice about stress when he says, "If you aren't a little nervous you aren't human. Nerves often help kick us into gear when something needs to get done. Nerves can make us productive. But don't let that turn into something destructive. Do like my flight instructor taught me. When you begin to feel uptight, start wiggling your toes. It's a difficult thing to do without focusing your attention on it-therefore, taking your attention off of whatever is stressing you out." Hopefully Emma and Ben will get the positive, energetic side of my anxiety driven personality and I'll continue taking my "wise-beyond-her-years" daughter's advice and relax a little.

This is a picture of my daughter at the doctor's office. Cool as a cucumber in what most would consider a stressful situation. Shining example of Zen.


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