Saturday, January 16, 2010

Time Out

Day 8

Today I learned that my fears of being judged for putting my child in time-out in a public place were not worth the trouble. After Emma told Trenton and me to "Shut-up" as we were leaving Target, I felt that it needed to be dealt with right then- not the 3 minutes from the time of the offence that it would have taken us to get to the car. So I swallowed my pride and put her in time-out...right there in the entryway near the automatic sliding doors. The first person to walk past us surprised me when he said, "Stay strong mom! You can do it." The next person just smiled with an understanding look. And the third person said, "It's better to train 'em while they're young. You go mom!" What did I learn today? That being a good mom sometimes (often) requires me to embarrass myself-and I think I'm actually okay with that.


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