Saturday, February 20, 2010


Day 42

Today Emma walked in the house after we'd been out for a while and quickly held her hand over her nose and said, "Mommy it reeks in here!" Trenton asked, "What does it smell like?" "Um...poop."

Ahhhh...I laughed so hard. In her defense-the house does reek because I had been frying bacon (not poop) before we left. But how funny that she understands the word "reek." It also dawned on me (once I stopped feeling the burn of carbonation from the soda that shot out of my nose when I laughed at what Emma said) that my baby has a colorful vocabulary. How proud I am that instead of simply saying, "Mommy, it is stinky in here," she chose to amp up her description with such a fun word. Think of what an interesting girl she'll be if she takes that creativity with her throughout her life. Okay-so I understand that so many of my posts are about my babies, but every time they learn something new, I learn right along with them. Like today, for instance- The lesson I learned today was that I can no longer spew the accidental four letter word when I get a nasty paper cut because those words are much worse than reek, and no two year old's vocabulary needs to be that colorful.

On a completely separate, has-nothing-to-do-with-learning-it's-just-funny, note...It has been snowing today and is supposed to get worse tomorrow. I actually caught myself saying a silent prayer that church would be cancelled. I God...that church would be cancelled. I'm sure he thought that was funny.


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