Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Perfect Ending

Day 35

This is actually my post for yesterday. For some reason all of the Internet sites I tried working on were "temporarily unavailable", which is especially frustrating when one of those sites is your bank-and you pay your bills online! Anyway, Trenton treated me to the most romantic weekend in Denver. We got to stay at the Embassy Suites, see the movie "Valentine's Day", and have dinner at my favorite restaurant "The Cheesecake Factory". We had a delicious breakfast the next morning, lingered at the hotel for a while, and then he took me shopping. While we were standing in line at Old Navy I said to him, "shopping is the perfect ending to a perfect weekend." Then we went and picked our kids up from Diana's (thanks again Diana and Brittany. Thank you so much!) and got them loaded in the car. Both of them fell asleep before we were out of the driveway and as I looked back at Emma's little sleepy face I couldn't help but say, "I was wrong earlier-this is the perfect ending." So that's what I learned today (yesterday)...Getting away from my kids for even just a night makes me love them so much more. Ha!


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