Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sick Beds (as seen in the 11/09 issue of O)

Day 46
Today I learned that the World Health Organization just upgraded tanning beds to the top tier of most dangerous carcinogens. Do you know what else is in that tier? Mustard Gas and Arsenic. ARSENIC! So next time you take your pasty butt to the tanning salon keep in mind that your risk for developing melanoma (skin cancer) just went up 76% (O magazine, 11/2009, pg 106). And if you think skin cancer is just an ugly freckle that can be removed by a dermatologist- you're wrong. Check this out to find more on cancerous melanoma. Please get your facts from sources like this instead of listening to the employees at these salons- an 18 year old with the playboy bunny emblem tanned into her butt that gets payed to tell you that tanning beds are safe. I am the first to think a tan is beautiful. Every time I watch Giada de Laurentis on Everyday Italian, I just want to throw something at her out of jealousy. But I have to remind myself that she is Italian and comes by it naturally, and I am as far from the olive-skinned beauty as one could be. I am ashamed to say that I have visited a tanning bed in the past, and proud to say that I will NEVER do it again. Okay-so I'm as milky as white chocolate. At least I don't have cancer breathing down my neck.

This is me tonight...basking in my pasty, healthy skin.

I had a dream last night that my Dad died from a heart attack. Before he took his last breath he told me that he didn't get to do what he had always planned to do if he had just one more day to live. I never did figure out what that was but it got me thinking-what would I do if I just had one more day to live? I know you've thought about it, and maybe even answered it. But I'm curious and not asking rhetorically- what would you do?


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