Wednesday, March 24, 2010

101 Things Before I Die

Day 76
There are all kinds of books, blogs, and articles about things that should be done before we die. I'm not quite sure why 101 seems to be the magic number, but I'm going to try. Until today I had always wanted to, but had never composed the list. So here is the beginning of my bucket list-it is certainly not complete and it is written in no particular order.

  1. Complete a legal living will.

  2. Go back to England and walk the same trails I walked the first time.

  3. Go back to England and visit the places I didn't get to the first time.

  4. Vacation in the Mediterranean.

  5. Become a published author.

  6. Sing on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera. I don't even care if there's an audience.

  7. Plant and maintain a thriving garden.

  8. Become fluent in other languages.

  9. Teach Emma and Ben where they came from, who they are, and where they're going.

  10. Help my parents sift through all the boxes in their home.

  11. Earn a Masters Degree

  12. Earn a Doctorate

  13. Help get more doctors, teachers, parents, and media involved in the fight against eating disorders.

  14. Visit my Grandma while she's still with us.

  15. Be sure that Trenton knows all my passwords and where I keep important documents and files in case I'm suddenly not around to explain it all to him.

  16. Be sure he knows how to do Emma's hair in case I can't.

  17. Show Trenton how much I love him

  18. Take dance classes again.

  19. Go back to performing with the Colorado Springs Chorale.

  20. Teach Emma and Ben how to read music and play the piano.

  21. Teach Emma and Ben how to cook.

  22. Birth another baby.

  23. Adopt a child.

  24. Get all of my siblings (just siblings) together for a weekend-maybe at a cabin in the mountains.

  25. Live in the south for a while.

  26. Live in England for a while.

  27. Live in Italy for a while.

  28. Never go to France again.

  29. Figure out some way to provide clean water and safe food for all mankind.

  30. Ride a motorcycle.

  31. Go water skiing.

  32. Learn more about my family history-so that it's not awkward when I run into them in the next life:)

  33. Put together the ultimate, self-defining playlist for each of my kids so they can listen to it whenever they miss me.

  34. Go to Hawaii

  35. Bake the perfect Red Cake.

  36. Work in a florist shop.

  37. Take a cake decorating class.
  38. Ride in a hot air balloon.

  39. Swim with dolphins.

  40. Find my old best friend Shana Mcready. Where are you?!?

  41. Personally thank all the doctors and nutritionists that saved my life.

  42. Find the perfect bathing suit.

  43. Get an A in college Algebra. (Just kidding. I couldn't care less about that).

  44. Learn how to cut hair.

  45. Own a gourmet confection and soap shop. I would want it to be just that...a simple, elegant, earthy shop- downtown somewhere.

  46. Write a letter to my old boyfriends explaining what went wrong...and instead of sending them, I'll just read them to my children.

  47. Write a book about my experiences with Anorexia and Emetephobia.

  48. Be on the Oprah show.

  49. Overcome my fear of automatic flush toilets, public bathrooms, pool drains, and vomit.

  50. Be able to quote scripture for every circumstance.

  51. Buy, renovate, and decorate a Victorian mansion.

  52. Find a cure for Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

  53. Compose some songs and hear them on the radio (I can dream can't I?)

  54. Watch my children graduate from high school and college.

  55. Receive postcards from my kids from places all over the world.

  56. Help Emma get through the joy and pain of her first "crush."

  57. See my sister Cathy happily married again.

  58. See my children happily married.

  59. Have Grand babies

  60. Have Great Grand babies!

  61. Visit all the historical castles across Europe-and understand their history.

  62. Write down the bedtime stories I tell Emma and Ben.

  63. Sing in a huge, gospel choir with my arms raised high.

  64. Teach my kids to be the Earth's advocates.

  65. Go on an African Safari.

  66. Speak for a cause.

  67. Grow my hair really least once.

  68. Help Trenton start and run a business.

  69. Find a cure for snoring.

  70. Help as many people as I can find peace and happiness.

  71. Write a cookbook.

  72. Have enough money saved up that Trenton and I can live comfortably in our golden years and leave some cushion behind.

  73. Send my parents on a cruise.

  74. Spend some time with all of my out of state relatives.

  75. Get a rockin' camera and take a photography class.

  76. Be able to touch my toes without bending my knees. (I'm beginning to think it's impossible for me. I have freakishly long legs and very average length arms.)

  77. Find the athlete inside of me.

  78. Hike the fourteeners.

  79. Spend the 4th of July in the center of Philadelphia at least once.

  80. Spend New Year's Eve in Times Square.

  81. Enjoy a Frozen Hot Chocolate at the original "Serendipity."

  82. Kiss Trenton by the Fountain de Republica in Rome again. (That's where we shared our first kiss.)

  83. Be a guest at the White House.

  84. Be a blond.

  85. Save a life.

  86. Have the fish-n-chips dinner from Gravely's in downtown Harrogate, England.

  87. Speak at General Conference.

  88. Serve a mission with Trenton.

  89. Raise healthy, loved and loving, secure, emotionally-stable, human beings.

  90. Watch a baby being born...other than my own.

  91. Vacation in the Virgin Islands.

  92. See the war being declared "OVER."

  93. Take as many picnics in the park as weather permits.

  94. Live by the sea-even if it's only for a little while.

  95. Learn how to operate all my husbands guns.

  96. Overcome my stomach problems.

  97. Live in a neighborhood that hosts block parties and easter egg hunts.

  98. Have a kitchen with tons of windows to showcase my life-long collection of Cobalt blue glass.

  99. Be in a Broadway musical.

  100. Visit the wonders of the world.

  101. Help with the serious epidemic of animal overpopulation.
  102. Remain clean, honest, faithful, charitable, compassionate, smart, proactive, grateful, and joyful.

102. Leave the world better than I found it.

Go on...create one for yourself!


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