Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Fam

Day 79 (Saturday- March 27)

The reason I didn't get to post yesterday is because I was having an AWESOME time with my family. I drove the kids up to Denver (through a blizzard) on Friday and met up with Trenton at work. We stayed with Tate and Patti and got to visit with Mike, Diana, Brit, and John over dinner at Hacienda Colorado (they have the most delicious Mexican food), lingered with Tate and Patti for Saturday breakfast, and then met up with all my siblings and their kids at Casa Bonita (they do NOT have the most delicious Mexican food). Emma was in HEAVEN. I absolutely love that place. I have gone there at least once a year since I was 3 and every time I enter the place I am greeted with the familiar scent of cafeteria quality Tex-Mex and chlorine. I'm not being sarcastic when I say the smell is divine. On a whim we decided to get a hotel room where the rest of my family was staying and take the kids swimming, eat yummy snacks, and once we got the kids all settled- the adults stayed up until 3 playing games. I talked to my dad earlier in the evening and he mentioned how warm and tingly it made him feel knowing that almost all (we missed you Bill, Lori, and kids) were together willingly.
Out of all the people in the world that we could have spent our evening with-we chose each other and it was so much fun. I learned that one of my greatest desires is to raise children that love each other, and especially like each other. How satisfying must it be to know that your children are friends with each other?


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