Thursday, March 4, 2010


For this to be the growing experience I was hoping it would be I am going to need to step beyond myself a bit more. Yes, I have managed to learn something every day. I am hoping, however, to challenge myself to learn and try things I would have never imagined before this little...experiment. Instead of allowing life to simply teach me something, I need to be a better student...a more proactive student. So-I am asking you, please give me some ideas of things to try, sources to learn from, subjects to study, adventures that aren't too expensive or deadly. Please? Pretty Please? With a cherry on top?


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  1. Is there anything you wish you knew how to do? About a year ago I started knitting and I love it! Even though I've known the basics for a while, everytime I do something, I learn a little something new. Are you into photography, painting? Maybe read a good book? You could always try a day from your kids' perspective. You might learn what grows under a rock, or how many cheerios are under the couch, or that it is fun to chew on plastic? I don't know! :)