Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Soothing Sounds

Day 53

Tonight I had cooking club so I didn't get home until later. I snuck into Ben's room and gave him a kiss and then planned on just giving Emma a quick peck on her sleeping eyes. To my surprise, Emma's eyes were wide open and she was so excited to see me. I crawled into bed with her, read her a couple books, and then we both settled into a warm, cozy position that reminded me so much of when I was a kid and my mom would read me stories before bed. As she drifted off I heard the sound of her pacifier smacking. (I know you're probably judging me for allowing my 2 year old to still use one-but she only uses it at night.) The squish, squish, squish of her pacifier was similar to the comfort that sounds such as the whirring of a fan, crickets after dark, sprinklers, children playing at the park, or thunderstorms offer. Tonight I realized as I drifted to that heavenly sound that my daughter is still a baby. I have been feeling emotional lately about how quickly she is moving through the stages of early life and tonight was encouraging. Tonight I learned that my big girl-who uses the potty, speaks in full sentences, and has opinions of her own-is still, very much, a baby girl. I just need it to be this way for a little longer. It's too good to change yet.


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