Sunday, May 30, 2010

Date Night

Day 134 (Friday, May 28th)

Somehow almost all of my siblings (without spouses) ended up in my Mom's living room after finishing each of our various day's work. We were all trying to decide what we wanted to for date night and each idea we had cost quite a bit of money. My mom overheard our conversation and finally jumped in with, "Hey guys...why don't you pack a picnic dinner, grab a blanket and go star gazing. It doesn't cost a thing." We all just laughed at her and I'm sure she was wondering how she could have raised such disrespectful, entitled kids. But as Trenton and I were driving around trying to decide how we wanted to spend our evening, I figured I'd give my Mom's idea a try. We grabbed a blanket and walked down a trail for a while until we reached this beautiful field that was nowhere near the star-blinding city lights. It was wonderful just sitting there in the stillness with no distractions. We ended the night at our favorite drive-in for ice-cream and I can honestly say, in my 5 years of marriage, this was one of my favorite date nights. Today I learned that when my Mom has a suggestion, it is based on 70 years of experience and love and I would be wise to listen to her more often instead of just rolling my eyes.


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