Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Day 138

I spent most of the day in bed, nauseated. And depressed that I was nauseated. I go through my life with chronic stomach ailments and I'm usually able to keep up with things in spite of it all...with a genuine smile even. But I had one of those pity-party days where I couldn't stop thinking about myself and how horrible I feel, and how unfair life is. Tonight I sat next to a friend I hadn't seen in 7 years. She asked me what I'd been up to and I listed off the wonderful things that have happened in my life since I was 20. When I asked how she had been, she pointed to her spiky, freshly grown hair and sweetly said, "The years have been much kinder to you." She's been battling cancer. How dare I feel sorry for myself.


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  1. Sometimes gaining perspective is tough. I know there's times I complain about things in my life, but when I remember (or learn about) those around me going through much worse experiences... I'm finally starting to understand that everyone has their trials and we can't really compare what someone else deals with to what we do. Hope you both feel better!