Saturday, July 24, 2010


Day 177 (Friday, July 22)

Today I learned that when life gives you lemons, you buy a better tub.

I also learned my way around Home Depot and all about the tools necessary to do a complete overhaul on your bathroom. We had a couple pipes burst last Sunday and this has been a whirlwind week full of destruction and mayhem. I can think of a few other things I'd rather spend that money on, but that's the joy of owning a home. One major upside to this whole mess is that I got the deepest soaking tub Home Depot had to offer. I have also learned this week who my true friends are, how much our families rock, and the power of staying positive.
Here is where the ceiling once was in our garage...
This is where some of it is now...

And this is the beginning of our NEW bathroom.

*Sigh* Wish us luck.


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