Thursday, July 8, 2010


Day 166 (Wednesday, July 7)
I took Emma to the zoo a few days ago and saw in her a true, unstifled, bliss just oozing from her little body. I watched as she ran around, smiling, pointing-little pony tails happily bouncing with her every excited movement. I decided to give that kind of zeal a try and see where I ended up. Well- I can tell you I ended up more relaxed, and happy. But what I wasn't prepared for was the amount of injuries that accompany unabashed joy. No wonder kids get hurt so much. They aren't looking ahead. They aren't cautious. They just deal with it as it comes. Yesterday I pulled my hair in 2...yes 2 pony tails (call me corny and see if I care), hopped on the bike and rode for 15 miles. I was so happy! Until I pulled a muscle in my back and couldn't move the rest of the day. You think that's going to stop me?


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