Thursday, July 29, 2010


Day 179

Well, I hate to be the type to air my dirty laundry in public, but I think tonight I will go ahead and share what is going on in my world. Today I learned that I will be going in for laproscopic surgery and a D and C on Tuesday morning. I'm sick, and sad, and terrified. I really wish I could just run away, but that would solve nothing because my problems are contained within me. If only there were a way to detach from my body for a day, go have a nice, long lunch and catch a matinee of some funny movie while my body just deals with all this pain, and fear. I guess that's what anaesthesia is for?

*sigh* I'm scared.



  1. We'll be thinking of you. I'm sure you'll be fine!! *HUG*

  2. You can still call me or we can meet up later. You can totally ask me anything. I called so many people before I had mine! I talked to everyone I could think of that may have had that done, and I felt a lot more confident going into it after that.