Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Day 191

Today I was reunited with the beautiful, everlasting, glorious BLT. Is there anything better? I mean really, is there anything more delightful than biting into the buttery, dense bread, with the slight crunch of lettuce, sweet juiciness of the tomato and salty, chewy bacon? Today I realized there are just some things you shouldn't mess with...ever. All you Foodies out there with your avocado and alfalfa sprouts and sun-dried tomato pesto...stay far away from my BLT. In fact this goes to all of us, who at some point or another, try to complicate those things that have already achieved their states of perfection. Why can't we just let it be sometimes?

It is said that BLT's are the second most popular sandwich in the United States, second only to the Ham sandwich. That means that this feisty little guy beat out Turkey, Tuna, Egg, Chicken Salad, and so many other types of sandwiches with its salty deliciousness. Supposedly, BLT's date back to the Victorian era when they were eaten with tea. Who would have thought of a BLT as a tea sandwich? Sounds like my kind of tea party!

Thanks Steve for the awesome sandwich!


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  1. Oh yum! Now I want to go buy some tomatoes and lettuce so we can have one! :)