Thursday, November 11, 2010


Day 228

While I was at the gym today I climbed on a bike and began peddling. I pulled my ipod out and realized the headphones were in a serious knot. I must have picked at that knot, with no success, for 10 minutes until a switch was flipped in my brain to quit trying to peddle, take my sweatshirt off, and undo this knot all at the same time. Once I stopped everything else, and just focused on the knot, it was out in 30 seconds. Then this guy on the next bike over leaned in and said, "You women over complicate things. Why can't you do one thing at a time? See how fast you got that out once you just chilled on everything else?"

Spoken by a man.

And who better to comment? Men know all about the comfort that comes from only being capable of doing one thing at a time...and not feeling guilty about it. (That wasn't a slam on the male gender, by the way. I'm actually jealous of their simplicity. Ouch- that sounded like another slam!)

So there you go- we know multi-tasking doesn't feel good. Doctors have been preaching for a while now that it's unhealthy for our hearts and brains. And focusing on one thing at a time is substantially more productive any way you slice it. So just "chill on everything else" and see what you can get done.


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