Sunday, January 10, 2010

My New Definition for Crazy

Has anyone else had someone they love hurt them so badly and then continue on with life like nothing happened? You have to wonder if it was the initial act or their denial to take any responsibility for that act that is hurting you more. Crazy is a big word in our house. We jokingly and lovingly use it often to describe many things that go on. But today I learned that I have a new definition for the word. (I would just like to clarify that I'm not referring to my husband in this post).

CRAZY- noun

A person that maintains the ability to be completely hurtful and reckless with other's feelings and then totally disassociate him/herself from the entire situation like it didn't just happen.

Think about many sane people do you know that don't feel some sort of regret or pain after a fight? Anyone in their right mind understands that life is short and we may not be around tomorrow to apologize and make amends. Anyone that isn't CRAZY is too overwhelmed by guilt and that icky feeling that follows an argument that they would do anything to make it go away. I learned that those we most often think are mean or heartless are actually just CRAZY-and so for them I feel sorry.

Oh-and I learned how to caramelize onions for the first time today!



  1. Unicast me and tell big brother what happend.

  2. I think everybody has had that happen. The few times that has happened to me, I'll eventually talk to the person and find out they had no idea that my feelings had been hurt (even though I don't see how they could possibly not have known). People are so hard to figure out sometimes! Sorry your feelings were hurt, I hope you get some resolution. And, I'm glad you learned how to caramelize onions!