Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Moving On

Day 32

Please-If you haven't already, please rent "Love Happens". Until today I hadn't seen it. Such a beautiful movie.

Everyone has their own version of letting go of the past, but this movie had one of the best-

"You can't move forward when you've got your eyes in the rear view mirror."

We all do it. It's human nature to act based on what has happened to us in the past. The whole point is to learn from our mistakes and use those lessons to change what we do in the future. So why do so many of us carry this proverbial baggage with us everywhere we go, throughout every day of our lives? And why do we look at it as baggage? Why not sculpt it into something more positive-like fuel for an even better future. Instead of viewing it as something that adds weight to our shoulders-we could treat it as a very important ally in becoming who we hope to be. Well-no matter how you view your past-the quote is true. It is both figuratively and literally impossible to look forward and behind simultaneously.


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