Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Day 69

I was awakened early this morning by this story on the news. I was out of it and thought I was imagining things until I looked it up. It is, in fact, true. Poor woman. How bad must her life be to be looking into a slow suicide?



  1. What gets me, is she has kids. It's selfish to deprive your children of normal interaction, and likely of a mom altogether by the time they're teens. Ya know what most people could do with the money she spends on food? That is just sad! I guess I don't understand a person that would purposely do that to themselves...or a person that encourages it, or the people that consider it entertainment.

  2. Think of all the people that are starving. The children who have little packets of vitamins put in their water because their parents can't afford to provide enough food to cover all the bases. Take that $750 dollars a month and donate it to any of the many programs that are trying to feed the world. So sad.