Thursday, April 8, 2010

After 10

Day 90

Did you guys know that the fitting rooms at Wal-Mart are closed for business after 10 pm? I didn't know that until today because I don't think I've ever actually tried something on there- they have such a rockin' return policy that I always figure I can bring it back if it doesn't fit. Anyway, I decided to make sure I had truly exhausted all my options before buying the painfully expensive pair I mentioned last night, and Wal-Mart was one place I hadn't considered yet. But to my surprise-they lock their fitting rooms after a 24 hour store. One employee actually said she didn't even know where they "hide" the key at night. I'm usually pretty good about letting things go. I hate when people abuse the, "let me speak to your manager," line, and I absolutely hate when people think that rules can be bent specially for them. But this was just too stupid. Do you know what this manager's solution was? She offered to escort me to the restroom and supervise me as I tried the pants on. She was suggesting that I lock myself into a tiny, poo-smeared stall with an automatic toilet that would be flushing in reaction to my every move, while she stood at the door supervising me. I couldn't even respond. I just stared at her in disbelief and apparently the horrified look on my face was all it took for her to "find" the key to the fitting room. True story.


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