Sunday, April 11, 2010

Counting Calories

Day 93

Today I learned about this website Even if you're not concerned with your weight may I suggest you still check it out? There are many tips on making the calories you do eat worthwhile and getting the most out of your nutrition to maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle. This whole time I thought I was eating practically nothing, but there is a calorie counter-where you enter anything you've eaten and it will calculate how many calories you've consumed for the day. Like bills, it's staggering how quickly it all adds up. But the trick is being honest with yourself. Even if you are eating within the recommended caloric intake (which you can also calculate on this site) it offers suggestions on how you can eat differently, eat more, and be the most efficient energy burning machine possible. So grab yourself a glass of ice water, and prepare for a reality check. It will motivate you positively...I promise.


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