Thursday, June 24, 2010

Family Dynamics

Day 154 (Wednesday June 23)

Today I learned that it doesn't matter who you've become, the decisions you've made, how successful you are at your job, whether you own your home, or have a wife and children... when you get around your immediate family, you can't help but revert back to the role you had growing up. Family dynamics do not change no matter how many years you try and change them. I love sitting back with my husband's family and watching who he becomes around his two brothers. You take this confident, successful man and his brothers always manage to strip him down to the "youngest" status- someone they can pick on, make fun-of, and goof around with. But he doesn't see it, or mind really, because that's how he grew up...that's his family and he loves them and they love him. If you think you're immune to it you're wrong. You are trapped in a family role and for Christmases to come, you'll be reacquainted with that person.


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  1. So true! Isn't it funny when you realize how you act in your family of origin? It's weird, and oddly comforting too....