Sunday, June 13, 2010


Day 146
My last sentence on Thursday was that "I needed to get out of this town." I say that in past tense because Trenton and I did get out of town...and it was exactly what both of us needed. Thanks to my Dad and his willingness to put us up in his timeshare, we stayed in Estes Park with Shannon, Steve, Autum, and Matt and there were precisely zero children present. I love my babies, and I have missed them terribly, but this little vacation has been heavenly. I think my favorite moment of this weekend is when Trenton and I got up early in the morning and went down to the pool. It rained all weekend and was chilly so the water in the warm pool caused steam to rise so thick into the atmosphere that you could hardly see the other person unless you were close to them. The backdrop was the Rocky Mountains and they were blanketed by low, waterlogged clouds. The river was so full of mountain and rain water that it was ranging just along side where we swam, and it was just me and Trenton. I think my other favorite part was shopping and being able to dive in and out of these tiny stores that would never accommodate my double stroller. As a mom I had forgotten what spontaneity feels like, and it feels good. So I learned this weekend that to stay happy, sane even, I'm going to need to infuse my life with a little more out of the ordinary. I will forever be grateful to my mother-in-law, Laurie, for being the kind of woman that would actually take my kids for a week, and also being someone we trust wholeheartedly with them. My babies are on their way home today, and it feels like Christmas morning.


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