Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Day 145 (Monday, June 14th)

I wanted so desperately to learn profound things each day. Lessons that I would be able to pass on to my kids so they would feel that they had a place to turn if they needed answers. But today I can honestly say the things I learned hardly seem worth mentioning. Ben is teething so my day started at 1 a.m. and continued with one exhausting hour after another. The day was jam packed with activities that were completely abandoned and the three of us hung out in bed most of the day. So I guess that's what I learned today-you don't always have to push yourself. Sometimes it's better to give your body a little nourishing relaxation. When something hurts, your body is trying to communicate with you-and usually it's screaming, "Give me a break!"

I mean, really...even if we weren't feeling bad...how could we resist?


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