Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Day 182

There has been a lot of "why me's" spoken in our home lately. Not so much the whiny kind, but more of the pondering "why me's." Literal questions, posed to the heavens, asking what it is we're supposed to be learning from all this. I guess that's the only way I stay sane...the idea that there truly is a purpose behind everything. And I do believe that to be true. It's not simply a crutch I use to get through life. Anyway, something clicked today as I watched the contractor spread joint compound on the walls of our bathroom like a giant peanut butter sandwich. Maybe all this had nothing to do with us. To be able to feed his family, this contractor needed a job like the one he did today. He makes his money by repairing things. His prayers were answered the day our pipes broke. And I guess I'm okay that. Most of the events that go down in my life are easy to pin-point the purpose. Usually I'm in need of serious humbling, or I've been slacking in certain areas. But when there really seems to be no point-those times when I seriously don't get why "this" or "that" happened, I've realized that maybe it isn't my lesson to learn, and I just need to ride it out with as much grace and patience as possible.



  1. You make a valid point here. We get into such a mindset that we are supposed to give that we forget that for us to do that someone must be there to receive.

    Sometimes trials are given to us to put us in that position. As you say, you may have been an answer to that man's prayers, or his wife's prayers. A hardship for you, however difficult, is a blessing for him. Thanks for the reminder.