Monday, November 22, 2010

Common Cold

Day 231

Not that I'm grateful to be dealing with a cold, but sometimes it's nice when your body decides to force you into restful submission. I so rarely listen to my body's cues when it's trying to tell me something, but every once in a while, there's no ignoring it. It's on those days that I drink soothing herbal tea, watch movies I've been wanting to watch, and sleep comfortably under a heated blanket. Then reality sets in, and Trenton has to go back to work, and I'm still sick and stuck with two sick kids, and appointments, and life, and I realize how horrible it really is to be sick. Suddenly I'm not the one under the heated blanket and drinking warm liquids...I'm the one fetching the blankets and Tylenol and soup. So I guess what I'm learning today is to not take health for granted...ever.

Shouldn't I have already learned this lesson?


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