Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Day 232

Trenton and I just had dinner with some family at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. I think what I love most about the restaurant is that it's located downtown on a street that's blanketed in trees. These trees are usually rich with leaves and offer shade in the summer as you're shopping in the unique stores that line the blocks. They are also equally as gorgeous during the fall, with their leaves displaying rich, burnt, autumnal hues, both on the branches and along the sidewalks. But tonight the trees looked especially inviting, with their lost leaves and naked branches that have been newly adorned with Christmas lights. But that isn't what I learned tonight...

It was underneath these trees that the four of us walked back to our car, both Trenton and I with a child in our arms. I was suddenly comforted by the realization that no matter what happens this holiday season, or in this life, for that matter...this is my family. These 3 people are MY family. And I felt all the loneliness I've ever experienced in my life melt into a puddle on the freezing cold asphalt...under these trees which have been sprinkled with the glitter of the holidays.

All credit for the image goes to http://creativethursday.typepad.com/.

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