Monday, December 12, 2011

Big Days

Last week I had to run a few errands and had the glorious opportunity to do it without my kids. Taking full advantage of this, I decided to do some Christmas shopping and pick up all the supplies for Emma's birthday party coming up. My cart was full and I was just about to the checkout line when a little voice bubbled from inside me saying, "You're taking all the fun out of this for Emma." I suddenly remembered each of my birthdays, with pretty good clarity, and how my Mom would take just me on a birthday specific shopping trip. She'd let me choose the theme, the decorations, cups and plates, and what I'd like to put in the goody bags. And for me, this planning was so much more exciting than the actual party. I looked like a total weirdo in Hobby Lobby- putting away every item that I had just spent the last hour searching for. But from my own experience, I know Emma will remember and hopefully appreciate her participation, even though it is going to be an inconvenience for me to take her from store to store.

When I think of anything worthwhile in my life that I've done, the preparation has always been more meaningful than the actual event. I have a friend that always says she hates "big days"- such as wedding days, birthdays, proms, anniversaries, etc. Because there is always this pressure for everything to be perfect. I really have to agree with her. Even though I am looking forward to Emma's little birthday party on Saturday- I can't wait to take her shopping, and assemble the goody bags together. I'm so thankful there are a million more "regular days" than there are "big days." It seems it's usually on those normal days that the truly memorable stuff happens.

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