Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Since December

I have learned so many precious lessons since Miss Lyla Rose was born.  Becoming a mom of three hasn't exactly been seamless.  But it has been heavenly.  It's hard to wake up every morning and not recognize the many miracles that have happened, despite my constant worrying, pain, frustration, and anxiety.  I would have to really go out of my way not to feel the love of Heavenly Father in every facet of my life- all the blessings.

That being said, my role as a mom of three under the age of four is exhausting.  No- the word exhausting doesn't cover it.  The thesaurus does a pretty good job though...My role as a mom makes me feel physically bankrupt, burnt out, conked out, crippled, debilitated, disabled, done in, drained, enervated, bled dry, depleted, devoured (that's my favorite), desperate, dispersed, dissipated, fatigued, sapped, taxed, tired, weary, etc...

But then I look at this...

And I'm reminded of one of my favorite poems by Katie Van Dyke- Sweet Monotony 

Though the order may change,
the motions are the same.
Regardless of time,
regardless of day,
My life
and the life of my baby's
is made up of the same movements
over and
over and
over again.
It is exhausting
for both of us.
I sometimes long for a change...Does she?
But then I remember that
music is made
using the same seven notes in variation.
And only twenty-six letters combine 
to create poems, and plays, and masterpieces.
I realize that monotony can create miracles.
So I will go through the motions with my baby
and we will dance
through the pages
of our own story.


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